Naturally effective solutions in agriculture and gardening

Strigiformes is a company founded by biotechnologists and technologists, introducing innovative solutions in the agri-tech industry. One of the participants of the MIT EF Poland acceleration program.

Strigiformes offers natural solutions to agricultural and gardening problems that save time and money.

Strigiformes, using the latest nanotechnology and natural substances, develops solutions dedicated to gardening and agriculture. They allow for more efficient use of mineral fertilizers (reduction of nitrogen or phosphorus fertilization by up to several dozen percent) or organic fertilizers, at the same time improving the photosynthesis and immune processes of plants. Developed products simultaneously create a nano dressing, mechanical protection against pathogens. Production is based on ecological solutions, thanks to which care about the surrounding ecosystem by creating and offering preparations that do not immunize pathogens or adversely affect beneficial insects. Products are without a grace period, and thanks to the possibility of application, eg with fertilizers, they save the time and money of consumers. Thanks to the offered solutions, the gardener / farmer can implement pro-ecological activities that will have the effectiveness of synthetic / traditional chemistry solutions.